Lindsey McGahey -

Biidaanakwadkwe, IBC, IFSD, BE

Lindsey McGahey, IFSD, IBC, BE, Ojibwe Mama and Artist

Boozhoo, Biidaanakwadkwe ndizhinkkaaz, ajiijak ndodem. Bahweting ndoonjbaa besho

Gichigami Zagaigan. My name is Lindsey, Gaelic and Anishinaabe, crane clan of the Sault tribe born and raised in bahweting. I am a direct descendent of the MacLeods of the Isle of Sky, Scotland from my Grandfather Robert Bruce (namesake of “Robert the Bruce”.) I am anishinaabe of my Grandmabaa, Payment of Sugar island, MI whose ancestors also hail from Garden River, Canada. I am currently residing between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan within Chippewa county.

I am an Indigenous Full Spectrum Doula (IFSD,) Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor (IBC,) Birth Educator(BE,) Mother and Artist servicing all of Chippewa County and virtually abroad. I specialize in unique and comprehensive traditional postpartum doula care, pregnancy release support, and lactation counseling. I am also competent in mental health peer to peer support during reproductive ceremonies. I am The Panoramic doula and a Member of the 2021 CORE Cohort, A Racial Equity Young Parents Fund Awardee, Nourishing Nations co- founder, Sacred Waters Collective co- founder, An awardee of the Superior Health Foundation Grant and the NACCHO Continuity of Care grant, co contributor of the 2021 Michigan Native Breastfeeding Week proclamation, member of the Michigan Doula Advisory Counsel, Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinar presenter, educator and facilitator. 

My passion is to care for and nurture people in their experiences as a foundation in restoring innate trust in the bodies of Indigenous peoples to heal the future generations. I center BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ families in birth and breastfeeding care that is culturally relevant and evidence-based from a traditional, Indigenous lens.

Traditional, ceremonial, and spiritual care

Peer to peer competent mental health/PMAD support

Pre conception and conscious conception counseling

Prenatal education and support

Birth education and postpartum planning

In home birth support both in person and virtually abroad

Comprehensive traditional Postpartum Doula support

Traditional food education and meal support

Loss and grief support

Pregnancy release support

Facilitation, presenting, and education

Interested in working together? You can shoot me a message on Insta or through my email. Check out my (click my logo) for ways to help support Panoramic Doula and Postpartum Families.

Nooni by Lindsey McGahey, IBC, IFSD, BE

Click the cover circle to access the zine.

Educational zine tool that takes you on a walk through lactation support. This zine is elegantly sorted and thoughtfully designed to pull out and flip through at your convenience prenatally, during immediate needs postpartum and anywhere in between. No need to pack me in your hospital bag - PDF copy availalbe for pocket book reading right on your phone.

Making Milk V2

Coming soon (tentatively mid-March) with the most up to date information. Science driven and more inclusive than ever.

  • New learning styles for all learners including a chance to work with me.
  • Competent curriculum for BIPOC peoples who make milk with storytelling of my lived experience as an Anishinaabe mother.
  • PLUS, more inclusive specialized support and learning for lgbt families needing supplementary and complementary feeding information.
  • Added resources in different learning styles.
  • Embracing neurodivergent learning needs by teaching in a way unique to my own neurodivergent mind including options to choose a curriculum that fits your learning style from self paced to in person to reading materials with journal prompts or a healthy mix to keep you engaged.
  • Learning entirely inclusive of partners with more resources specifically for people who love and/or support someone who makes milk.
  • Accessible to anyone with internet access for free

Milk Beyond the Neonate

E course for bodyfeeding into later infancy and beyond

Coming in 2023